Profit from Ralf Runge’s riding qualities and horsemanship


  • preparation of your horse for further training / advanced training and tournament presentation
  • preparation and/ or tournament presentation for the purpose of future sale
  • support in daily work/ exercising your horses,

after all, only a well-exercised horse can successfully master the technical demands of modern show jumping.

Ralf Runge has the right ‘touch’ for horses of all types and he understands how to fit in with the work of the sport partner regarding a horse’s anatomy and physical condition.

An individual training plan is prepared for each horse in order to develop its qualities and to achieve long-term and lasting success in professional sports.

ABC Loreen was in training  from October of 2009 to May of 2010 to keep her fit during her owner’s pregnancy.

During this time she achieved high placings in 3***S classes and was able to rejoin her owner and successfully build on these achievements with top placings in the Global Champions-Amateurs classes.

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