The Rossbornerhof equestrian center

is a large equestrian facility that offers optimal conditions for the training of horses.

  • 35 outdoor boxes, 2 inside stalls, each with 6 boxes complete with tack room, wash box, treadmill and free wheel walker,
  • 40x80m sand and grass outdoor jumping area, 25×65 m indoor arena, longeing, and all with floorwork by HEUS,

allow for horses to be successfully and safely prepared under horse-friendly conditions for the continuously growing demands in equestrian sports.

The nearby forest, plentiful paddocks and 6 hectares of pasture land offer your equestrian partners in sport the necessary balance to competition sport.

And there are always a few open boxes for training courses and training camps.

With its central location and favorable travel connections,

  • Frankfurt and Cologne/Bonn airports each 70 km away
  • ICE train station 1000m away  – 25 min to the airports
  • the A3 Autobahn Cologne-Frankfurt 1000m away

the Rossbornerhof presents an optimal location for traveling to international tournaments in Germany and Europe, or as a stopping place along the way to international tournaments.

Many Internationally renowned showjumping riders, such as Richard Spooner,  Cameron Hanley,  Trevor Coyle,  Helen Mc Naught,  Andreas Knippling ,  Cian o’ Connor,  Kathy Offel,  etc.

have taken advantage of these opportunities to prepare themselves and their horses for tournaments.